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According to the California ISO, yesterday (1/4/18) geothermal was the biggest provider of renewable energy to the CAISO with the following:

  • Geothermal – 22,800 MWh
  • Solar – 21,640 MWh
  • Wind – 5, 159 MWh

This is an amazing accomplishment when you consider the installed base for each in California:

  • Geothermal – 2,780 MW
  • Solar – 11,500 MW
  • Wind – 5,662 MW

The installed base of wind and solar combined is 6x’s that of geothermal, yet if the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow, you have nothing.

Solar and Wind may be cheaper to install, but it does no one any good if it cannot produce power when you need it. Geothermal is that 24 / 7 resource that is always there no matter rain or shine (or lack of wind).